The toolbox for coaches

Administration of your athletes together with secure data is not an easy task.
The athlete database centralizes your data.
Access control und management of rights gives you the flexibility to control the viewability of data for the users.

Centralized Data

With centralized data there is no need to send excel-sheets and other data via unsafe mail between all the coaches.

Everybody has the same actual version of data automatically. SSL encryption is established between the database and the coaches laptops.

Exports can be switched off completely. Exports as PDFs are watermarked with the individual username.

Access Management

The administrator can set indivudual rights for every user and can restrict the acces to ahtletes and athlete groups.

With the default settings a club coach can only see the data of the athletes of his own club.

Restriction to ageclasses is also possible.


These are the main modules of the Athlete Database

Data of athletes

Management of personal data like date of birth, address and anti doping declaration, health certificate etc.

Collection of challenge data

Data of challenges like ergometer tests, running times, weight lifting including date and age class.
Collection via form or throughout import of excel data sheets (for multiple athletes)

Evaluation of challenge data

Challange data is displayed as table or chart.
Comparison of different athletes.
Data matching squad criteria are marked with colors.

Video Analysis

Remarks can be added to videos.
Visibility can be set to selected coaches.
Public links can be used to show the videos to the athletes.

Training Courses

Management of participants, speakers and coaches
Calculation of costs and refunds
Creation of invoices


News can be sent to everybody or selected coaches via mail. They are also visible on the dashboard.

Data of clubs and coaches

All contact data of coaches and clubs are visible to make collaboration easy.


Dates of challenges, competitions, training courses, holidays etc

You can find a detailed description in the documentation.

For all types of sport

Settings available for

Age Classes

Caption and ranges of age


Caption and criteria

Challenge types

Type of sport (running, ergometer, weight lifting etc.)
Type of value (time, number etc.)

Calculated values

(e.g. to calculate the power or averages etc.)


Data Security


every database runs on a separate server


encrypted data transport via SSL
user management, password protection

Data Information

every athlete can see the own data

Deletion of Data

deletion or anonymizing of data of a single athlete

Detailed Settings of Rights

for the views
for the exports

Data will not be shared with Others

no ads
no tracking

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